Friday, January 6, 2012

Jazzy Sketches

I love drawing to live music. Lots of energry, and I find that it makes my drawing better too! Most of the players here are from the band, "The Downbeats,"who play mostly every Wednesday night at the Downbeat Cafe in Echo Park. They're awesome!

Bustin' out the flute! He also plays sax and harmonica!

This guy was in a jazz band at Disneyland in New Orleans Square....wearing zuit suits and all!


This guy started off my new year, hehehe. He was generous  enough to have his bike radio on the Blues station. I now listened to that station in my car :)

So new year, new resolutions. I think the first will be to freakin keep my blog updated! So I'm thinking of doing some new stuff than the typical 'postings'.  I'm brainstorming as to how to get creative with what I should post as opposed to just sketchbook and art. Perhaps everyday could be a different themed post ? Any ideas?    Hmmm, now my brain is kickin.'  :)

Happy New Year!