Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Light A Roman Candle With Me

Light a roman candle with me
Just a roman candle, you can wear your sandals
and I'll pour you just one cup of tea.
Then you can go and rest
you haven't seen my best, so...

Just spend an evening with me
Just a lazy evening, then you could be leaving
or we could stay and talk until three.
I will think it's magic and I'll hope you'll agree, so...

Light a roman candle with me.
  ----excerpt from the song: Light A Roman Candle With Me by F.U.N.----

I get inspired when I listen to music, but who doesn't right? I get these images in my head, or an idea for animation to go with the music and/or lyrics. So I just went ahead picked a song I love and tried to capture what it means to me, or what triggers my imagination. Here's the first of hopefully, many little 'non-animated, Fantasia-esque" inspired illustrations, inspired by my favorite songs/music/ you get the picture. (no pun intended).

PS- I apologize in advance if you do not share my musical tastes.

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