Friday, May 6, 2011

3B Show

Tonight I went to Gallery 1988 in Santa Monica to the opening reception of the 3B Show, where they showcased artwork inspired by the 3B films: Back to the Future, Beetlejuice, and Bill and Ted. Lots of great stuff. My fellow Calartian, Benton "story artist on regular show" Connor, had his art displayed and had one sold! Wooot, go Benton! The biggest attraction had to be the two Back to the Future DeLorean replicas parked outside on the street, gull wing doors open for anyone to sit and have a photo opp. There was also a cool little used book store, a hat store, and a coffee shop next door to the Gallery, so the area was full of hipsters.
The night was bitter sweet, which I will illustrate in a comic. Hopefully. If I remember.

1.21  Gigawatts!

Benton next to  his award winning masterpiece....Ok, he didn't win any award, but at least it will now adorn a BTTF enthusiast's living room wall. Or diner. Or clocktower.

 A surprise visit from "shrunken head guy" from Beetlejuice.

An eclectic little coffee house. Reminds me alot of  the one from my hometown in Lompoc, Ca.

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