Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Ricky Animation Shoppe is Open for Business!

Hey everybody, The Ricky Animation Shoppe is Open for Business! I was contacted by the administrator of PhotoTownship where they connect artists and buyers....funny thing, cause I've been looking for a site exactly like that.  I'm still in the process of setting up shop on Etsy, but this site offered the digtal option which was perfect for custom caricature art.
Right now I'm only offering custom cartoon avatars for online social media, like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, anything that uses a profile pic. I'm planning offering more elaborate caricature portraits in which you can label them with a special greeting, message, or a scene of your choice, and also art for sale like caricatures of celebs or illustration. We'll see, one step at a time. The lovely people on the avatar item page of my shop are friends of mine. So if I get big business from this venture I'll give them a percentage(slaps knee)  Go to the Shoppe! 
PS- Stay tuned for the Grand Opening of my Etsy Shop coming soon!

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