Sunday, March 21, 2010

This top piece right here is a concept for a short film idea called "Mother's Day."

Doodle Rama!

Had fun drawing this stuff. Discovered some new photoshop brushes along the way too!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm excited to announce(finally), that my fancy shmancy new website is now fully operational and is awaited to welcome the masses! It's a giant relief, honestly. I now have a presence on the web for my work.....and the website does all the work for me. Well besides me handing out cards and what not, I can fully trust my website will do all those things like: show my work, contact info, experience, etc, without me having to worry. SIIIIIghhh. The biggest relief is that it looks like the way I want to it too. The last website I have was such crap(sorry zoomshare, you served me well), and didn't give me alot of leeway with making it represent what my work is about. really did for me. I have to pay a little more, but I'm satisfied. No it's not flashy Flash or html....but it works for me and hope it works for whomever visits it.

So I break the bottle of champagne againts the hull of the ship! (I think I'm more excited than most people will be lol, sorry, it was a lot of hours put into it).......

I'm 24 today, March 4.....what a better day to debut the new site, right?

Hope you guys like it! Chao!