Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Painted on Wood Caricature portraits!

"4 x 6" Acrylic on Wood.

This week I finished a somewhat artistic experiment. The I love about art and creativity is that you're always finding new ways of doing things, new mediums to test and experiment with. Last week I was at Michael's just lookin' around and I saw these wooden blocks, some were very large and some were very small. I immediately saw them as blank canvases.

Original sketchbook sketch
Color Studies

So a painted on wood caricature seemed fitting. Here's the final and some color studies. Since this was an entirely new venture for me, I struggled alot with getting the paint opaque. It worked after several passes...a fellow artist recommended I prime the wood first instead of just painting directly on it. Total time spent on this: approx 4 hours. and lots of frustration. But I'm very happy how it came out. I'm going to glaze it as well, to protect the paint from chipping, I'll post that as soon as I do it.

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