Monday, August 16, 2010

A Desk To Call Home.

   My Dad and I spend Sunday afternoon(and evening), building my custom made Animation Desk! It's like a boyhood dream come true. I got used to drawing on big animation tables for 4 years at CALARTS, so resorting to drawing on a small lightbox propped on top of a dictionary at home was kind of limiting. In space and comfort. So I talked to my dad, and he said, "Give me the plans and we'll build it. Easy." It turned out not to be easy. But it was fun. It so much more relaxing to draw and beats being hunched over while I inbetweening. And it's just plain magical. Hope to sand it and stain it soon. Though I am thinking of painting some crazy mural on it. We'll see.

We based the desk design and structure from a model at the Hand Drawn Animation Supplies blog, where they list dozens of ways you can build your own animation desk along with other tips like camera stands and stuff. Check it out!

More pictures and hopefully a video to follow!

Thanks again Pops! And my brother Ivan for taking the pics!

1 comment:

  1. It's great! Cheers to your dad for his support and effort.

    Looking forward to seeing what you bring to life on that desk.