Monday, June 28, 2010


Mr. Giraffe!!  This was a birthday gift for a friend.

I found these little mini canvasses at a College Bookstore for $1. Yay! I figured if I was doing a giraffe, he wasn't going to fit all in one square. I sketched out the giraffe first on the canvas and then painted the flat colors on each one. I think I did two coats for each square.
I used Liquitex Professional Acrylic "heavy body" paints. This is the second painting I have done with these and I'm LOVING them! Above are my paints in their water soaked palette container, to keep them moist. I was tired of using cheap, 87 cent acrylic craft paint, though it works fine. It's just too watery and runny. I figured I should finally make the switch and boy I'm glad I did. As one art teacher described the paint, "They're delicious!"

I thought the background of the blue, red, and green squares looked to plain, so I decided to add some abstract patterns in the background. I was thinking of African art when I was doing this.

You can see the buttery-ness of the paint. He's a happy lil ol' giraffe.
With amazing neck-elongation powers!!
The finishing touch. RdLA for my name, Ricardo de los Angeles.

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