Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm excited to announce(finally), that my fancy shmancy new website is now fully operational and is awaited to welcome the masses! It's a giant relief, honestly. I now have a presence on the web for my work.....and the website does all the work for me. Well besides me handing out cards and what not, I can fully trust my website will do all those things like: show my work, contact info, experience, etc, without me having to worry. SIIIIIghhh. The biggest relief is that it looks like the way I want to it too. The last website I have was such crap(sorry zoomshare, you served me well), and didn't give me alot of leeway with making it represent what my work is about. really did for me. I have to pay a little more, but I'm satisfied. No it's not flashy Flash or html....but it works for me and hope it works for whomever visits it.

So I break the bottle of champagne againts the hull of the ship! (I think I'm more excited than most people will be lol, sorry, it was a lot of hours put into it).......

I'm 24 today, March 4.....what a better day to debut the new site, right?

Hope you guys like it! Chao!


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