Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some iPod art

I just got a new application for my iPod, its called 'Brushes.' Its a paint application where you paint with your finger on your ipod touch or phone. Its really awesome, though was hard at first to get used to. It acts like real paint, since there is no eraser tool, just an undo button. But I think this ok because its like painting with real paint, where you don't get an eraser.
Its a great tool, I mostly got it for color studies, cause I stink at color, so this is nice to have if I see some cool compositions or colors. Of course, this does not mean I'll stop drawing with pencil in my sketchbook. This app is just another tool for the artist. Here's some I did this past week. The first complete one I did was the one with the ocean. More to come!

Boomer Chillin'