Thursday, October 1, 2009


I love drawing caricatures. Those who know me will know I love Al Hirschfeld's work, so you can see his influence. Well in essence, I love all the great caricature artists of the early 2oth century, like Miguel Cavarrubias(think I spelled it right). Amazing, simple, abstract, and bold drawings that I don't see alot today in caricature art. Well, every now and then I see something.

These pieces were taken right from my sketchbook, some I didn't even have to modify or improve cause they were mostly extremely quick sketches of people, so I had to get down that person's traits and essence with a few lines as possible. I love doing quick caricatures cause, for one thing, they're fun, and helps with observation. I had fun adding color to these. And there's more to come! PS-These were drawn in colerase blue, then hand inked with a quill pen on watercolor paper.


  1. Hey Ricardo! Awesome blog, I love all your watercolor work, it's really great!!!

  2. thanks Zar! Your recent posts are really appealing!