Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Book themed post

I love Libraries. Period. It's like a safe haven from Tv and a great place to read (duh!), study, sketch and learn! (wow I sound like an ad). I love looking at kids books and just picking up something interesting. My little brother and I go whenever we're bored. Yes, the library is our hang out spot. Hey its better than saying, "I'm bored, let's go to Walmart!" Sadly, those words have come out of my own mouth.

This drawing of my character Steve was most likely inspired by my trip to the Los Angeles Central Library in Downtown LA. I have to say, words cannot describe my experience. It was the most epic library I've ever been in. It was a mix of old and new architectural design. It was like part art deco/post modern and part art gallery like. Theres' an atrium, a huge rotunda with the most amazing murals. My favorite room was the Children's section. This room I think was part of the older part of the library because it was screaming Art Deco from the lamps to the windows. Plus, huge murals on the walls.

These quick sketches aren't from the library but from a class I visited. It's a cool contrast. One kid loves reading, the other one is easily bored by it. I think I'm inbetween. I would love to get buried in a good book, but then I get distracted or the book just isn't engaging. Recommend anything?

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