Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tijuana sketches. New Year's 2009

So I went to Tijuana, Mexico for New Years with my family. We stayed at my grandma's house, where most of my Mom's side of the family is. It was fun, good to get away from my house for a while. We spent alot of the time playing the Wii, the sports games that is. It was a Wii of a good time! Ha ha! No? Ok.

I drew a few sketches from the trip, most from when we went down to the beach near the border fence. It was cool.

Mexio and America meet. Mexico is on the left and the US is on the right. Part of the border fence really does go into the water like that.

A kid receiving some cotton candy. He had very intense eyes.

Here's a sketch of my mom and aunt getting some 'corn in a cup' from a mobile vendor.

The black and white sketch before I colored it.


  1. Hey Ricardo, love the painting of the beach at the border. Great colors and feel to it! Good job, you should do more!